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Self Drive Minibus Hire

There are obvious advantages to opting for minibus hire with a driver. Ceding control over the wheel would mean you could concentrate on the main reason why you came to Warrington in the first place, which is to explore it unhindered. Since you have a driver who is tasked to take your group where you want to go, you won't have to deal with maps, study the various routes, and navigate your way through the streets of Warrington. Similarly, if you came to Warrington to conduct some business meetings, surely you do not want to waste your time figuring out directions when you can get right down to business.

However, Minibus Hire Warrington is also cognizant of the many reasons why self drive minibus hire would still prove to be the more preferable option. Privacy is one. Some groups, despite their willingness to go to a strange town and meet new people, are not the type to easily trust those who they've only met. Sure, our drivers can be trusted and of good character – we would not have hired them otherwise. Still, that does not mean you expect our customers to immediately take to them at first sight. Trust is hard to come by, and with some people, they take a little more time which, on trips, there isn't too much of. These more privately guarded individuals would then prefer that they choose the person who will do the driving among them, and we respect that decision.

Confidentiality is also another compelling reason for people to choose self drive minibuses. In the conduct of business meetings, it is inevitable that some sensitive matters would have to be discussed. Sometimes the subjects would be of such a nature that those concerned would not feel too comfortable discussing it in the presence of a stranger in the minibus with them. Our drivers are not in the habit of leaking any information or gossiping about things they've overheard from their passengers. However, to put your mind at ease, it would be better if you decide on who the driver will be instead.

If you're afraid that the quality of the minibus will be lower than the one we assign with a driver, don't be. Minibus Hire Warrington values consistency in how we provide our services, and that especially applies to the minibuses that we provide. You will still be given a high quality minibus that comes with its own entertainment system and drink coolers. Since they are from our Warrington fleet, you can be sure that they have passed through the capable hands of our maintenance team before we release them to you.

What do we require of our customers when it comes to our self drive minibus hire service? Nothing too complicated. Of course we would have to be given proof that your chosen driver has the qualifications and capability to handle the minibus we will assign. We might have to ask a few things about the level of experience of the driver, particularly with driving in Warrington. But do not be afraid that we will turn you down if it is revealed that your driver is unfamiliar with the Warrington routes. Just convince us that you are more than capable at navigating these new routes; we will accept that.

Whichever minibus hire option your group chooses, the goal remains the same: to help you have a wonderful time in Warrington so you would want to come back in the future to experience it all over again.

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